Hello, My name is Angela. And like I said on the other page, I have a passion for tiny houses. I absolutely love them. I love the fluidity of the creative touches that used in building tiny homes. I love seeing what sort of material people are using to build their tiny homes from. I love how so many of the tiny home owners often times use alternative energy sources for their home, often times being off grid.  I love how they maximize every bit of space for efficiency. I love how there are so many hidey holes for storage everywhere, often times under some built-in furniture or a piece of furniture that is tucked away in some sort of cabinet (such as a Murphy’s bed). There really isn’t anything that I haven’t just adored.  To put it simply, “It is Simplicity itself”.

Okay, now that I have gushed about the virtues of tiny homes, please allow me to bring this into a better picture. First let me clarify what a tiny home is considered to be.

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