Good News Everyone!

Whoops! A little bit of a Pop cultural reference for the start of this   endeavor.  My name is Angela and I have an obsession.  One that sets my fingers twitching every chance I get to cruise the internet.  I Love Tiny Houses. No seriously. I absolutely love looking at them, puttering around inside of them.  I love seeing what people have done to declutter their lives and simplify with brilliant storage ideas for the small spaces.  I swoon over the different media people have used to build their tiny homes and let’s not forget the clever ideas people have come up with to go off grid.  I honestly can’t get enough of it!

My obsession became a bit of a source of amusement for my husband; as well as a source of annoyance when I bug him to show the pics or to share them to his Facebook.  Finally, Justin told me to go set up a blog to vent my obsession to the rest of the world.

Sooo… Here I Am!

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